Linda Fuchs

Linda Fuchs

Linda Fuchs is an art historian and a former teacher of art, French and journalism. The daughter of Norwegian immigrants, she grew up on Long Island, New York, attended Wheaton College in Illinois, and moved to Florida to teach at The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach. Later, while pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical studies at Trinity, in Deerfield, Illinois, she met Kent Fuchs. Married since 1981, they have four children and two grandchildren. 

Since earning master’s degrees from the University of Chicago and Cornell University, Linda’s research in art history focuses on funerary art of the third and early fourth centuries, a transition from late Roman art to early Christian art, before Christianity became a legal religion of the Roman Empire. One of her contributions identifies the first-known sculptural depiction of the resurrected Jesus. Her essay on this scene, found on the Vatican Jonah sarcophagus, appears in Revisioning: Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art.

Linda found her work as chair of the board of Chesterton House, a Christian Studies Center serving Cornell University, to be helpful background for volunteering in Gainesville. She is part of an emerging initiative to improve the reading of children and youth by promoting existing programs as models, making information about them more available, and encouraging community groups – including those in the faith-based community – to consider whether they may foster learning through tutoring and mentoring.

Her experience teaching her four children pre-reading and reading skills before kindergarten has helped her see the value of training young parents to be their children’s first educators. As a result, she is delighted that Alachua County Public School system promotes such training through initiatives like the Parent Academy, and she hopes to see such efforts expand.


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