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Creating Something New, Something Unheard Of

Date: Oct 10th, 2014

Having worked toward this day for most of my presidency, I share the joy in the air! Nearly thirty years ago, UF took a major leap forward when we became […]

Always Trust Your Cape

Date: Sep 10th, 2014

I want to start by thanking the Women’s Student Association for inviting me to speak.  It’s an honor, and I’ve been thinking about how I can be worthy of this […]

Remarks to Hispanic Student Assembly

Date: Sep 5th, 2014

Few things have been more gratifying to me during my time here than seeing the growth and flowering of the Hispanic-Latino community here at UF.

Remarks to Black Student Assembly

Date: Sep 2nd, 2014

African-American students, students of Caribbean descent, international students: UF is your university, and we depend on you to make UF great.

Remarks to LGBTQ Welcome Assembly

Date: Aug 28th, 2014

Why is diversity so important? It’s simple. We learn from our differences. We cannot achieve our mission of education in a monoculture with no resemblance to the world our graduates will encounter.

State of the University

Date: Aug 28th, 2014

Click here for State of the University 2014 Power Point.  Click here for State of the University 2014 Video. Faculty, staff, members of the university community: Welcome back!  It’s great to be […]

My Hopes for These Flags

Date: Aug 26th, 2014

As we prepare to raise the flags in our Flag Garden, I think of the airmen and women of the U.S. Air Force who, at this very moment, are beating back the extremist and savage forces of IFAS in Iraq.

Innovation Square Roads Opening

Date: Jun 13th, 2014

City and county elected officials, CRA members, university leaders and staff, members of the innovation community: Welcome!  It is great to be with you. When they first told me that […]

Building Your Communities

Date: May 9th, 2014

Thank you, Dean McCauley, for that kind introduction and for inviting me to address the Class of 2014.  Thank you, parents and family members, for standing behind these young women […]

Science and the Human Bond

Date: Apr 25th, 2014

We hear a lot these days about online education. I think online education offers tremendous potential for the growing number of students who want a college education but can’t afford the rising costs of attending traditional campuses. But I want to focus today on a special connection that transcends technology and time. It is the bond between mentors and students at the highest levels of education and research.

Renewing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Date: Apr 11th, 2014

It’s great to join you as we celebrate Campus Earth Day on this beautiful Friday in spring.  This is our tenth annual campus-wide sustainability event, a real milestone.  So, I […]

Behind Every Great Woman…

Date: Mar 25th, 2014

Tonight marks the 17th year that we have gathered to celebrate outstanding female faculty, students and community leaders.  Likewise, March has been officially designated as Women’s History Month  since 1995. […]

Food for Thought

Date: Mar 24th, 2014

My wife, Chris, and I have been to a lot of fancy dinners here at the President’s House.  But I promise you we’ve never had a meal like the one […]

Welcoming Women to Our Innovation Community

Date: Mar 13th, 2014

We are proud to have this opportunity to showcase UF’s most promising startups. We hope that as you get to know these startups and their leaders, you’ll also get a […]

The Power of Paleontology

Date: Feb 15th, 2014

Let me begin by saying that we at the University of Florida are committed to your discipline.  We are growing our paleontology faculty. We are expanding paleontology related research.  And […]

Expanding UF’s Tradition of Access at Cypress Hall

Date: Feb 14th, 2014

When the University of Florida opened in Gainesville in 1906, one of our first two buildings, Buckman Hall, was a residence hall.  Today, we begin construction on this university’s 25th […]

“All Welcome” to the New Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Date: Feb 9th, 2014

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome! What a joyous day this is!  What a day for celebration! It is a wonder to me that Rabbi Goldman and Chanie began their outreach […]

Make Books Your Companions

Date: Jan 19th, 2014

I want to underscore Judy’s words about the three people who have brought about this event.  As you will see when you tour the Judaica Suite later, the rooms have […]

Students Shape UF’s Future

Date: Jan 4th, 2014

I normally have a rule to not tell any personal stories.  But for you this morning I make an exception.  That’s because today, January 4, is the tenth anniversary of […]

‘We’ve Come Full Circle’

Date: Nov 22nd, 2013

Today, I compliment the organizers for an exceptional event – one worthy of the exceptional building that will rise here where the Health Science Center joins the greater university. Dean […]

Remarks to Academy of Leadership Graduates

Date: Nov 21st, 2013

Of the many fantastic experiences Chris and I have had in our ten years at the University of Florida, our engagement with the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars program and with […]

Celebrating MindTree’s First Anniversary

Date: Oct 24th, 2013

I feel like the best way to appreciate this moment is to ground it in recent history.  Four years ago, in 2009, UF closed Alachua General Hospital, Gainesville’s first hospital, […]

Our Newest and Truest History

Date: Oct 17th, 2013

It was a little over three years ago that we joined hands in UF Historic St. Augustine. I think all of you would agree, we’ve done a lot to preserve this city’s historic treasures and make them a magnet for tourism.

Our Great Floridian

Date: Sep 26th, 2013

Countless people have benefited from Dr. Cade’s inventions. At UF, he continues to inspire students and faculty to follow their curiosity and persist in their ambitions.

Renovating the Reitz

Date: Sep 21st, 2013

Today we begin the first major renovation and expansion of the Reitz Union since it opened nearly 50 years ago. It is a project that would be applauded by Dr. J. Wayne Reitz, the fifth president of the University of Florida and a great champion of its students

A ‘Home’ for Undergraduates in Business

Date: Sep 20th, 2013

This building is called Heavener Hall, but a better name might be “Heavener Home”.

Inventing Our Future

Date: Aug 22nd, 2013

This particular fall, we all understand the refuge of higher education is vulnerable to judgments, both hasty and harsh. The very notion of college is under attack from the left and the right and hit by change on every front. The rise of online learning. Growing financial pressures. Open skepticism of our value. Whether we like it or not, we need to respond.

Convocation Remarks to Class of 2017

Date: Aug 19th, 2013

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, family and friends. Members of the Class of 2017. Welcome to the University of Florida! Many of you have planned for this day since middle school. You took all the toughest classes in high school. You worked hard for great grades and high test scores. And finally, you get to start your college journey.

A Bridge to a Healthier Future

Date: Aug 12th, 2013

Good afternoon!  To everyone here from UF Health, to those present from the university and the Gainesville community, and to our honored guest, U.S. Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson … […]

Thinking Deeply in a Twitter World

Date: Aug 9th, 2013

What we are sorely lacking in today’s world is reasoning, which I define as ‘thinking coherently and logically – the drawing of inferences or conclusions from facts known and assumed.’ This is a skill that after all the years you have devoted to primary research, is your special forte as doctoral graduates.