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The University of Florida and Florida’s Children In Need

Date: Nov 6th, 2008

Good Morning! I want to begin by telling you how pleased and honored I am to speak at this morning’s breakfast. The Marion County Children’s Alliance has a great reputation […]

Celebrating the Life of S. Clark Butler (Eulogy)

Date: Nov 5th, 2008

Good Morning! I have been listening to the economic news these past few weeks and worrying about the recession. My thoughts have turned to Clark. I am wondering how he […]

Dedication of Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Plant

Date: Oct 10th, 2008

Good afternoon! It’s not often I feel lucky to be in Florida during hurricane season. But, I was relieved I live here instead of Georgia during the gasoline shortage a […]

Black Alumni Weekend Champagne Brunch

Date: Aug 30th, 2008

Good Morning! Usually when I speak to alumni groups, I look out into the audience and see at least a few elderly people who look like they received their bachelor’s […]

Lowering the Drinking Age (Op-Ed in St. Petersburg Times)

Date: Aug 25th, 2008

As parents ferry boxes to residence halls and map-clutching students wander wide-eyed around the University of Florida, the start of fall semester always brings a contagious feeling of optimism and […]

Deans Fundraising Workshop

Date: May 20th, 2008

Good morning. Welcome! Since we are devoting this day to fundraising, I thought I would start with some facts about people with money. Nearly 10 million Americans have a net […]

Tribute to Federal Judge Stephan P. Mickle

Date: Mar 28th, 2008

Good evening and welcome! A half century after the first black students walked through the doors at the University of Florida, we are a much more diverse institution – and […]

Dedication of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service

Date: Mar 5th, 2008

Good morning! We are here to dedicate the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, but I want to begin with a few words about Bob Graham, the man. Senator Graham […]

Groundbreaking for Emerging Pathogens Facility

Date: Feb 27th, 2008

If you are like me, you submitted to the annual flu shot earlier this winter, confident of protection against a week of fevers and muscle aches. Unfortunately, your confidence may […]

Welcome for UF Water Institute Symposium

Date: Feb 27th, 2008

Good morning and welcome! For most of our history, we have taken water for granted, at least here on the East Coast. We have dumped prodigious amounts on our lawns […]

Dedication of Jim and Alexis Pugh Hall

Date: Feb 9th, 2008

Hello! The University of Florida is one of the nation’s most diverse research universities. Whether it is in the sciences or the humanities, we all rely on the bedrock principle […]