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‘We’ve Come Full Circle’

Date: Nov 22nd, 2013

Today, I compliment the organizers for an exceptional event – one worthy of the exceptional building that will rise here where the Health Science Center joins the greater university. Dean […]

Remarks to Academy of Leadership Graduates

Date: Nov 21st, 2013

Of the many fantastic experiences Chris and I have had in our ten years at the University of Florida, our engagement with the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars program and with […]

Celebrating MindTree’s First Anniversary

Date: Oct 24th, 2013

I feel like the best way to appreciate this moment is to ground it in recent history.  Four years ago, in 2009, UF closed Alachua General Hospital, Gainesville’s first hospital, […]

Our Newest and Truest History

Date: Oct 17th, 2013

It was a little over three years ago that we joined hands in UF Historic St. Augustine. I think all of you would agree, we’ve done a lot to preserve this city’s historic treasures and make them a magnet for tourism.

Our Great Floridian

Date: Sep 26th, 2013

Countless people have benefited from Dr. Cade’s inventions. At UF, he continues to inspire students and faculty to follow their curiosity and persist in their ambitions.

Renovating the Reitz

Date: Sep 21st, 2013

Today we begin the first major renovation and expansion of the Reitz Union since it opened nearly 50 years ago. It is a project that would be applauded by Dr. J. Wayne Reitz, the fifth president of the University of Florida and a great champion of its students

A ‘Home’ for Undergraduates in Business

Date: Sep 20th, 2013

This building is called Heavener Hall, but a better name might be “Heavener Home”.

Inventing Our Future

Date: Aug 22nd, 2013

This particular fall, we all understand the refuge of higher education is vulnerable to judgments, both hasty and harsh. The very notion of college is under attack from the left and the right and hit by change on every front. The rise of online learning. Growing financial pressures. Open skepticism of our value. Whether we like it or not, we need to respond.

Convocation Remarks to Class of 2017

Date: Aug 19th, 2013

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, family and friends. Members of the Class of 2017. Welcome to the University of Florida! Many of you have planned for this day since middle school. You took all the toughest classes in high school. You worked hard for great grades and high test scores. And finally, you get to start your college journey.

A Bridge to a Healthier Future

Date: Aug 12th, 2013

Good afternoon!  To everyone here from UF Health, to those present from the university and the Gainesville community, and to our honored guest, U.S. Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson … […]

Thinking Deeply in a Twitter World

Date: Aug 9th, 2013

What we are sorely lacking in today’s world is reasoning, which I define as ‘thinking coherently and logically – the drawing of inferences or conclusions from facts known and assumed.’ This is a skill that after all the years you have devoted to primary research, is your special forte as doctoral graduates.

A New ‘Mental Giant’

Date: May 7th, 2013

Good afternoon, everyone! Today is a great day for the University of Florida as we celebrate the grand opening of the UF Data Center. As Elias mentioned, we get to […]

On the Wings of Innovation

Date: Apr 25th, 2013

As UF’s women leaders, I know you are aware that a majority of our undergraduates are women. I’m proud of our achievement in preparing these women for graduate school, the workplace, and life. However, we have a significant challenge, and that is to increase the number of women choosing and completing scientific and engineering degrees.

An Opportunity for Success

Date: Apr 24th, 2013

As a result of the Morrill Act, millions of Americans have had the opportunity to get a college education. They’ve gone on to careers as engineers, lawyers, teachers, doctors and more – achieving personal success and stability, growing America’s middle class, and helping to build our country. Today, no students carry this legacy forward as powerfully as you, our Florida Opportunity Scholars.

Lavender Graduation Ceremony

Date: Apr 19th, 2013

I want the best for all of our graduates. The shift in public consciousness that we are seeing today gives me great hope that when you leave this campus this spring, you will enter an America more accepting and welcoming to you than at any moment in our history.

Bricks and Mortar in a Digital Age

Date: Apr 11th, 2013

Today’s symposium culminates our year-long celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act that created our nation’s land-grant universities. It captures how the Morrill Act expanded university education from the elite to the public and how it broadened education to embrace liberal arts, agriculture and science and engineering.

Write Your Own Story

Date: Apr 9th, 2013

I submit to you, the transition you make when you go to college is that, for the first time, you take control of your path. You get to pick your own major, choose your own career and eventually, create your own home. At a deeper level, you get to decide your political beliefs, determine your faith and learn through trial and error how to live your life. For the first time, in other words, you get to write your own stories.

UF State of Sustainability

Date: Apr 5th, 2013

We’ve built 40 environmentally-friendly LEED-certified buildings, including 18 with a “Gold” rating. We’ve embraced local food in our dining halls, with a quarter of all of today’s food from sustainable sources. We’ve greatly expanded the bus system. We’ve retrofitted numerous buildings for greater energy and lighting efficiency. And, with five arrays of solar cells and three more under construction, we’re even generating some of our own electricity.

All That and More: The True Purposes of College

Date: Jan 24th, 2013

Is job placement all that college is for? What is the purpose of college? Does college have a singular purpose or are there multiple purposes?

Welcome to the Inaugural Class of UF’s Innovation Academy

Date: Jan 4th, 2013

Women and men of the very first class of the Innovation Academy, welcome to the University of Florida. We have been waiting for you! And welcome, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, family and friends. We know your love for these students helped them reach this first day of college, and we are glad you are here to enjoy this moment with them.