Based on UF Health Guidelines (as of November 25, 2020)

The Earl and Christy Powell University House has been a welcoming venue for UF Presidential events since 1953.  Due to COVID-19, changes will be made to the event space and event programs, in effort to create a safe experience. Our team is committed to providing the very best services to our guests. We have modified the venue event designs and event practices, following the CDC guidelines, and are ready to make each event exceptional again.

This document provides an outline of the safety guidelines for rental events at the Earl and Christy Powell University House.  All UF community members who are interested in renting out this facility for their event will be required to follow these guidelines. Changes will be made as guidelines and policies are updated at the local, state, and federal levels.


  • Statement for those at high risk to avoid gatherings
  • Technology options for a hybrid event
  • Guest roster for contact tracing
  • Face coverings required
  • Physical distancing required
  • On-site event signage
  • Designated walkways
  • Custom/reserved seating for a reception with presentation, program and/or awards ceremony
  • Food can be eaten, following social distancing
  • Plexiglass dividers around food
  • Safe cleaning and sanitizing

Guidelines for Maintaining Safety:

  • Invitations for the events at the Earl and Christy Powell University House will include a statement encouraging those individuals at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (including older adults and people of all ages with certain underlying medical conditions) to avoid gatherings at this time and when available, direct them to virtual participation options.
  • Where possible, technology may be an option to those invited, but reluctant to attend the event at the Earl and Christy Powell University House.
  • Organizers of events must produce a guest roster with contact information (including email and phone numbers) for each event and maintain such information for a minimum of one month after the date of the event.
  • Face coverings must always be worn at the Earl and Christy Powell University House, except when consuming food/beverages.
  • Physical distancing (currently, a minimum of six feet) must be observed at all indoor and outdoor events and gatherings with special attention given to ingress/egress, nametag station, corridors, and pathways to guest seating at the Earl and Christy Powell University House.
  • On-site event signage must include university-approved print communications addressing mandatory face coverings and physical distancing in prominent locations of the Earl and Christy Powell University House.
  • Walkways, corridors, and entrances will be designated one way if they are too narrow for 6 feet distancing.
  • Custom/reserved seating for a reception with presentation, program and/or awards ceremony. Assigned seating or color coordinating seating sections will be offered.
  • Food and beverage service, provided by Cacciatore Catering, will comply with the restrictions and requirements established by the Office for Business Services (https://www.bsd.ufl.edu/catering). Q&A listed below.
  • Safe cleaning and sanitizing will take place before and after each event by Facility Services.
  • References:
  • Center for Disease Control
  • What additional measures are being taken in the kitchen to ensure food safety? What are the sanitation practices for the service staff? 
    • Cacciatore Catering:
      1. Pre-screening of all employees and temperature checks.
      2. Updated policies and procedures with up to date food handling course on COVID-19 prevention and training.
      3. Reposition equipment and furnishings in our kitchens for social distancing.
      4. Restrict access to our facility to only approved vendors and associates.
      5. Public will not have accessibility to any kitchen operations.
      6. Mandate mask and glove wearing at all times.
      7. Training on mask and glove wearing and proper placement and removal.
      8. Work closely with all local and state agencies as changes need to be implemented.
      9. Include additional safety equipment for all catered events: face masks, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved chemicals and sanitizing solutions, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and nurse’s digital thermometer.

Cacciatore Catering Q&A:

  • Are there fees associated with canceling or postponing our event?
    • Groups can cancel 10 business days without catering fees.
  • What is the availability if we postpone our event?
    • Availability is based on the calendar.
  • Will you be changing the way you present and serve food?  
    • All food will be served self-contained and individually portioned. The only self service will be a (beverage/coffee) break station with all self-packaged condiments.
  • Can we still have a buffet or food stations? If so, what modifications will be available?
    • Offering foods and individual wrapped condiments and flatware.
  • How can we avoid a crowd at the bar?
    • All served beverage bars will be outside, weather permitted with plexiglass and floor markings as a guide for proper social distancing.
  • What kind of bartending service will you provide? Is table-side bar service an option?  
    • Bars will be served by properly trained bartenders behind plexiglass.
    • No table service will be offered.
  • How can you encourage social distancing during cocktail hour, knowing that we will have clusters of people?
    • Spacing out cocktail tables with signage stating how many can gather safely.
  • If our original guest count lowers because of COVID-19, can we pay based on the new count or will you charge us the original amount?  
    • Once a final guest count is given, 7 business days prior, it cannot be lowered.
    • Guest counts can be increased up to 3 business days prior.
  • If we reschedule, will we have to completely change our menu?
    • It will depend on what time of year the event is rescheduled, as we source most of our foods locally.
  • Can we set up hand sanitizing stations or mobile hand-washing stations?  
    • Yes, they will be available at the Earl and Christy Powell University House.
  • How far apart will the tables and chairs be spread out to keep our guests safely distanced?
    • 6 feet apart (diagrams will be provided).
  • If the event space is indoors, what kind of ventilation is available? Can we leave the doors and/or windows open?  
    • Windows and doors can be opened, weather permitting.
  •  What is the traffic flow like for guests? Is it possible to set up "one-way" doors for entrances and exits?
    • Diagrams of traffic flow through corridors, entrance, and exit will be provided.

Guidelines for Maximum Event Attendance:


Theatre Seating (Max)

Banquet Seating (Max)

Inside: Florida Room



Inside: Dining Room



Inside: Sun Room



Inside: Den



Inside: Living Room with Dining Room Table



Inside: Florida Room, Dining Room, and Sun Room



Inside: Florida Room, Dining Room, Sun Room, Living Room, and Den



Outside: Pool Deck



Outside: Under Tenting



Outside: Pool Deck and Under Tenting



* Seating at 48” round tables will be for couples only. Standing near high tops will be for individuals or couples only. Signage will be placed on these tables.