Creating Something New, Something Unheard Of

“The benefits of this new building go beyond us, to a world in desperate need of new ideas and solutions,” said President Machen at the October groundbreaking ceremony for the Chemistry Chemical/Biology Building. “We cannot imagine those ideas and solutions today, but if past is precedent, we have every reason to place our hopes in science.”

2014 State of the University

State of the University

“Keep elevating research and discovery that advances science and scholarship and improves our state, world and human knowledge. Keep raising the bar on education. Keep trying. Keep experimenting. Keep excelling. The wind is at our back. The state of the university is strong. Full speed ahead!” said President Machen at his annual State of the University address in August at Emerson Alumni Hall.


Science and the Human Bond

“I want to focus today on a special connection that transcends technology and time. It is the human bond between mentors and students,” said President Machen in his commencement address to graduates at UF’s Spring Doctoral Commencement Ceremony.


Renewing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

“Our challenge today is not ignorance but complacency: The sense that we’ve done what we can, and now we can turn our attention elsewhere. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth,” said President Machen at his annual sustainability address on Campus Earth Day.

Chris Machen 2

Behind Every Great Woman…

“Ultimately, the hard work of women and men on behalf of women’s equality has allowed increasing numbers of women and men to pursue their dreams, whether for career, family, service – or all of that and more”, said First Lady Chris Machen at the Women’s History Month Awards Reception.

Flavors of Florida

Food for Thought

“I want you to consider how you can join us to shape a food future that is not only better-tasting, but also healthier and more sustainable,” said President Machen at UF’s “Flavors of Florida” event highlighting varieties of vegetables and other plants created by UF scientists.

Cypress Hall Groundbreaking

Expanding Access at Cypress Hall

“These students will strengthen the tradition of expanding access that is at the heart of who we are as a public, land-grant university,” said President Machen at the groundbreaking for Cypress Hall, a new residence hall that will be among the first in the nation to include rooms designed for students with significant physical disabilities.

Jewish Center Ribbon Cutting

“All Welcome” to the New Center for Jewish Life and Learning

“We are fortunate that our students mirror the richness of the world’s religions – including more than 8,000 Jewish students, the largest population at any university outside Israel” said President Machen at the Marilyn Kapner Levin Center ribbon cutting ceremony. “Today, these students gain a center that is part student union, part home-away-from-home, part place of worship … and 100-percent sanctuary.”


Make Books Your Companions

“I agree with the words of former U.S. Commissioner of Education Harold Howe: ‘What a school thinks about its library,’ Mr. Howe once said, ‘is a measure of what it feels about education,’” said President Machen during the Judaica Suite Opening at Smathers Library on January 19.