Jane Adams

Vice President

University Relations

Lora Smith, Senior Administrative Assistant
(352) 392-4574

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Elias Eldayrie

Vice President and CIO

Information Technology

Jennifer Snowden, Executive Assistant
(352) 273-1799

Zina Evans

Vice President and Associate Provost

Enrollment Management

Schuan Chisholm, Executive Assistant
(352) 294-0927

Jodi Gentry

Vice President

Human Resource Services

Kara Sue Cobb, Executive Assistant II
(352) 392-1075

Joseph Glover

Provost and Senior Vice President

Academic Affairs

Becky Holt, Executive Assistant
(352) 392-2404

David Guzick

Senior Vice President

President, UF Health

Mary Vallianatos, Executive Assistant
(352) 733-1700

Amy M. Hass

Interim Vice President

General Counsel

Kristina Souza, Legal Assistant
(352) 392-1358

Edward Jimenez


UF Health Shands Hospital

Barbara Strayhorn, Executive Assistant
(352) 733-1500

Charlie Lane

Senior Vice President and COO

Office of Chief Operating Officer

Cheryl Wise, Executive Assistant
(352) 392-9122

Mike McKee

Vice President and CFO

Office of Chief Financial Officer

Chris Gaynor, Senior Administrative Assistant
(352) 392-2402

Tom Mitchell

Vice President


Katherine Peterson, Senior Executive Administrative Assistant
(352) 392-9597

David Norton

Vice President


Jennifer Whitney, Senior Administrative Assistant
(352) 392-9271

David Parrott

Vice President

Student Affairs

Kathy Chambers, Coordinator of Administrative Services
(352) 392-1265

Jack Payne

Senior Vice President

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Janice Newmans, Senior Administrative Assistant
(352) 273-3453

Dr. Win Phillips

Executive Chief of Staff

Office of the President

Kathy Wilson, Executive Assistant
(352) 273-4478

Curtis Reynolds

Vice President

Business Affairs

Deadra Harvey, Senior Administrative Assistant
(352) 392-1336

Scott Stricklin


UF Athletics

Ryan Dunn, Assistant to the AD
(352) 375-4683 ext. 6000