All in for Orange and Blue

President Fuchs has his hair painted orange and blue to encourage students to sign a pledge to wear masks and follow other COVID precautions.

A President Celebrates President’s Day

In which President Fuchs hands out free Gator butter cookies.

Come For The Shaved Ice, Stay For The Photos

President Fuchs sweetens the First Day Photo tradition.

Who’s That In The Picture?

President Fuchs photobombs some graduating Gators.

The Pizza Prez

President Fuchs delivers on a promise of pizza for students after one chooses “a Fuchs in socks” as the correct answer on a multiple choice test.

It’s A New Football Uniform. April Fools!

The 2019 April Fools prank brought a weirdly familiar look to the latest Gator football uniform.

Spotlight on "The #Prezbook Challenge"

President Fuchs describes his five challenges on social media to UF students returning for the fall semester – and shows all the fun and laughter that resulted.

April Fools! It's "Food for Fines"

The 2018 April Fools prank was no joke as students paid parking tickets by donating food items to UF’s Field and Fork Food Pantry.

A Gator Valentine's Card for You

Some very special Valentine’s Cards inspire a campus scavenger hunt.

A Classy Ride

President Fuchs chauffeurs students to class in a VIP golf cart on the first day of the spring semester.

Eagerly awaiting students

President Fuchs doesn’t want to be “All by myself”

"Memes Look Fun!"

In which President Fuchs attempts to make a viral video to welcome students back to campus.